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May Fayre Donations Required

It’s that time again so we’re looking for donations of all kinds for this year’s May Fayre.  Please bring your donations into school from Tuesday 10th April and leave them in the “May Fayre” boxes in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 shared areas.

Please see a list below of the type of items we are looking for, and a guide as to when we need them.

Please make sure all items donated are in a good, saleable condition, and food items have a use by date of June 2018 onwards

Raffle prizes.  If you or your business are able to offer us something please contact us.  Also, if you work for a company that offers matched funding and you can help with the organisation of the May Fayre or volunteering on the day please get in touch.  This makes an enormous difference to the amount raised.

Soft toys                                                                               10th April to 27th April

(preferably washed)

Childrens toys                                                                     10th April to 4th May

Books                                                                                   10th April to 4th May

DVDs, CDs and computer games                                      10th April to 4th May

General Tombola Items                                                      10th April to 4th May

(ie tinned/packet food, toiletries, household items)

Bottles                                                                                  10th April to 4th May

(alcohol/water/fruit shoots/squash etc)

Chocolate                                                                             23rd April to 4th May

(single bars and Easter eggs through to selection boxes)

Cakes                                                                                    11th May

(full cakes, cupcakes, cookies - what will you bake? )

Please note we need all donations to be in by the above dates to make sure we have enough time to sort through everything and add raffle tickets to tombola items.

If you have any questions we can be contacted via the school office or on Thank you

Thank you for supporting your school.

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