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E-Safety Policy

‘Building a lifelong love of learning in a safe and happy school’


The internet is an extremely rich resource and communication tool both for learning and for recreation.  Children need to develop the appropriate skills and understanding that will enable them to use these tools and resources well and safely, as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate the resources they find.

Staff and Governors need to access the internet and the school network to find and share educational resources and information, for research and to further their professional development. 

The school will provide a reliable, secure and safe filtered broadband internet connection (through E2BN) for use within school. 

Staff, Governors and Pupils have a responsibility to ensure that they use the internet appropriately and in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this policy.

Pupils’ access to the Internet

  • To help to prevent children from accidentally accessing unsuitable material, the school’s internet access is through a recognised educational service provider offering a filtered service. 

  • Use of the internet in school by pupils, will only be permitted whilst they are supervised by an adult.


  • We wish to foster a responsible attitude in our pupils towards the Internet in partnership with parents. Pupils will be asked to share the ‘Think Before You Click’ e-safety agreement (appendix 1) with their parents and will not be allowed access to the internet until parental consent has been given in writing.

  • Pupils will be educated in the effective use of the internet.

  • Pupils will be taught about safe and considerate internet use, including the importance of safeguarding their personal details when using email and the internet. 

  • Pupils will be taught to tell a trusted adult if they come across anything on the internet that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • Pupils and parents will be informed of the consequences for pupils misusing the internet.

  • Any complaints of misuse will be referred to the ICT Manager or a member of the Leadership Team.

  • Complaints of a child protection nature must be dealt with in accordance with school child protection procedures.

Staff and Governors’ access to the internet

  • All adults in school have the responsibility of ensuring that the Internet is used safely and correctly and in accordance with this policy.

  • There is an expectation that staff and governors will use the school internet connection and the school network only for their professional work relating to the school.

  • All Staff and Governors must read and sign the Staff and Governors e-safety agreement (appendix 2) before using ICT and internet facilities in school.

  • All Staff and Governors must agree to comply with the MK Policy on Social Networking Sites and Personal Internet Presence.

  • Any complaint about staff misuse of the internet must be referred to the head teacher or a member of the Leadership Team.

  • Complaints of a child protection nature must be dealt with in accordance with school child protection procedures.

Website Guidelines

A website can celebrate good work, promote the school, publish resources for projects and link to other good sites of interest.

At Loughton Manor we maintain our own web site.  Pupils whose work appears on the school website will be identified only by their first names.  If a photograph is used, we will not name the pupil(s) and we will only use images of children whose parents have given written consent.

Should any parent or guardian particularly wish their child’s name, photograph or work not to appear on the school’s website, their wishes will be respected.

Home information and e-mail identities will not be included – only the point of contact to the school i.e. phone number, school address and e-mail to head teacher.

Home Learning Online

The school subscribes to three online home learning resources: Espresso and Purple Mash.  Parents and pupils are notified annually of their passwords and usernames and reminded of the importance of not sharing these details.

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